As a German Shepherd breeder it is important to breed German Shepherds that have the very best genetics to offer. A German Shepherd breeder should be a responsible, ethical breeder who is only willing to thoughtfully breed with educated decisions to breed healthy, sound German Shepherds of the highest quality. It is also important that your German Shepherd breeder be active and educated with the breed and continue there education of the breed and their breeding program.

At Kentucky Triple H German Shepherds we have a breeding program that we feel does just that. We warranty our pups and provide follow up information to our buyers. On a small farm in rural Kentucky, our kennel was formed. A love for the German shepherds loyalty, its natural instincts for protection, the variety of coats and colors, along with the German shepherds intelligence, set the German shepherd above other breeds. We produce a few German shepherd litters a year for families and pups that can be trained for police dogs. We take time to evaluate our German shepherd pups and seek to put the right pups with the right families. All of our dogs are registered through AKC and OFA certified.

Kentucky Triple H German Shepherds
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